Silly Game and Crazy Names

Silly Game and Crazy Names

When on a long car journey with my parents, we used to play a game with car number plates, trying to make a word out of the letters. As long as the word contained the letters in the correct order, it really didn’t matter what the word was.

We also used to have ‘friendly’ names for things, and one such example was calling a hedgehog – a “hedgepig”! To this day I still call them this, and my children do as well!

Another one was referring to the heron which regularly visited the water near our home as “hairybum”! No idea why we called it this, but it’s a name which once again stuck, and they are always referred to in this way even now.


However, I was reminded on this earlier, when having had an alarm call from my parents house at 5.50am, and duly set off to investigate, I saw one such “hairybum” feeding at the water’s edge. It reminded me of this photo I took some years ago, which was actually taken in a stream in a town not far away.

How does this relate back to my original comment about making words from number plates? Well, my first car had the letters H B M and was instantly given the nickname of “hairybum”! I owned this car for 10 years, and loved it!


Just a small insight into my crazy world! 🙂

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