Alternative View Of Dorset

Alternative View Of Dorset

You can only wait so long for a company to deliver your order! So having given up on ever receiving my order of darkroom chemicals and equipment, I decided to take a different path.

I discovered some premixed C41 chemicals, and a daylight developing tank from the 70’s, and decided these could be an easier solution for me to dabble in developing films taken on my La Sardina lomography camera.

These photos were taken whilst on holiday in Dorset, with a couple from back at home too. The film was a Tudor 35mm colour print film, 200 ISO, which expired in May 2005!

Our house! The film edge gives this ‘something extra’!

View from the house

Sunset Over The Bay

Windy Walk To The Beach

Looking East Over The Bay

Across The Water To Portland

Coastal Path Sign

Coastal Path Route To Osmington Mills

Looking Back To The Bay

A Different View

Looking Up From The Ground

Light Bigger Than Basketball Net?

Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome of the photos, and can’t wait to play some more with developing my own films.


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