Time of Change

Time of Change

Well, I can’t believe it’s already March and I’ve not put pen to paper yet this year. So what has been going on? I made a very positive decision to make this the year that I lost some weight – after all I have plenty of it to get rid off! Too many neglected years have gone by, and with a milestone birthday on the horizon in 2016, as well as a major anniversary, I felt it is now or never…

… And so far things have been going well! To date I’ve lost a stone! This has been achieved by using my NutriBullet every morning which is a great way to start the day. I love fresh fruit but don’t always like eating it (if that makes sense), so extracting all the goodness and losing nothing is a fun way to mix flavours and textures for some great morning shakes!

Also, I’ve been putting my Fitbit to good use. I started with the Fitbit Flex but as soon as the Charge HR was available, it was on order! During January I covered 5,000 steps a day, but doubled that to 10,000 in February. Most days I go over that amount as I always try to do 5 miles which is around 11,500. I’ve decided to stick at this amount for now, as being desk based at work it is really hard getting out for a walk every lunch and evening, however, I am now starting to run – or rather jog – for the odd 30 or 60 second burst during my evening walk.

I’m finding it tough going, not least because there is too much of me and my legs definitely don’t like the extra strain on them. I will get there, I will! I am doing the Race for Life 5K Pretty Muddy in May, by when I hope to have lost another stone, and be running for a bit longer than I am now! There is no way I will be running the whole event (not even half of it) but just completing it will be a real achievement for me.

So, I am going to try and add more to this blog when I get an evening off, or have a spare minute, to let you know how things are going. Hope you’ll join me on this venture into the lighter and fitter life…


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