How do you learn to run?

How do you learn to run?

Yeah I know, running is a natural movement we all did when we were young, and loved it! Running to be picked up, running to play hide and seek, running to do just about anything. It was fun, it was enjoyable. We had no cares in the world, we just did it!

Not so easy now though, when you’re nearing the half century and carrying more stones than you care to count.

I turned to my son, an aspiring personal trainer, and asked “How do you learn to run on a treadmill?” We then spent a few minutes trying to work out my question – was I asking “how do you ‘learn to run on a treadmill'” or was it “how do you ‘learn to run’ on a treadmill? That’s the English language for you! Anyway – it was the later! I just wanted to know if a treadmill can help you learn about running as it is flat(ish) and the roads round here aren’t, and running up hills frighten me at the moment!

Having recently followed many ‘running’ twitter accounts, it was good timing that Runners World should post about an article they wrote back in May 2013 “The World’s Simplest Learn To Run Program“. This is just what I needed to hear! Knowing that on previous outings I could run for a couple of 30 secs during my evening walk but that 1 minute was nearly the end of me, I concluded that a 30 second run with a 2 minute recovery pattern for the 20 minutes should be okay.

So this morning, I headed out early to a football pitch just over half a mile from me, and was nicely warmed up ready to run when I got there. I had to put all my new knowledge and guidance to the test, as there were several walkers out with their dogs, and I really just wanted to turn around and go home! But, as they say This Girl Can, and I did. I felt great to be out there running along the long edge of the pitch line, and walking the remaining three. Sometimes I went beyond the side and turned down the end, other times I barely made the end. I thought I wasn’t going to get through the 20 minutes, as when yet more people came to walk their dogs, I felt like giving up. Something inside reminded me of what Julie Creffield wrote in her ebook ‘Getting Past The First 30 Seconds‘, where she tells you in her humorous way not to listen to the voices in your head telling you to give up, and to ignore what anyone else things of you’. So I did just that and completed the 20 minutes!

Over the 20 minutes I had ‘run/walked’ one and a quarter miles! Was so happy! I then walked a further mile and half round the roads before returning home. I haven’t had this feeling of satisfaction for a long time! Just wish I could spend every morning like this, and not rushing off to work. Suppose I could do if I got up even earlier… but then again a head torch will enable me to do this in the evenings. Roll on British Summertime when the evenings get longer!


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