Where Did That Go?

Where Did That Go?

I can’t believe it is almost the end of March? Where did the last three months go?

While my running is progressing slowly (now able to run upto 1 minutes intervals) and my weight is continuing to disappear steadily, I feel so different from when I started out on this venture as a New Year’s Resolution! This must be one of the only times I have successfully carried on with one of these! Yay me!

Eclipse 2015

In amongst everything else, and despite the grey clouds, I saw the partial eclipse. I promise this is the sun being hidden by the moon, and not a picture of the moon!

I was off work for the day, and was looking forward to the ‘event’ but due to the clouds, hadn’t bothered to go outside. I caught a glimpse of the sun shinning on my lawn and decided to go take a look. A passing break in the clouds went over allowing me enough time to catch a few shots, and then it was gone.

As a belated birthday/Christmas treat to myself I bought a Sigma 150-500 lens, which has become ‘permanently’ attached to the front of my daughters Nikon and not mine. So when we went out for a walk recently she had much more luck as capturing wildlife and the landscape than me. But anyway, here are a few untouched shots of mine.

Next on my list of things to sort out is to plan an exercise schedule to help in getting me fitter and more flexible as the Race For Life Pretty Muddy which is now less than 8 weeks away! Eek!

Oh yeah… and retrieve my lens!


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