Pretty Muddy??

Pretty Muddy??

I did it! I completed the Race for Life Pretty Muddy event last weekend, in the wonderful sunshine! My daughter and I started laughing our way through the ‘warm up’ which most of our group found too intense! We then set off and ran to the first obstacle, Mission Inflatables which consisted of four ‘batons’ to clamber over. Whilst she flew over them, I took the more leisurely sit on and swing leg over approach! My legs decided that was enough and refused to power me up the hill, so we walked for a while. Next we were crawling on tarpaulin covered with mud and water whilst under rope nets at the Go Commando obstacle. Not just one of these but two! Muddy hands made good prints on t-shirts as we ran through the woods to find out what was next.

We soon discovered Entrapment, a rope maze, to navigate through, with only mud under foot and a marshal spraying us with water! Quickly negotiated we went on to Durdles at which we got soaking wet feet!

Our next Challenge was Vertigo which was an easy up and over rope wall to climb. Next we looked for the Light At The End Of The Tunnel as we crawled through corrugated tubes lined with mud! Somehow my daughter managed to have feet and hands on the sides as so didn’t get dirty at all!

That was all to change though at Down and Dirty where she decided, along with most others around us, that rolling though this paddling pool of mud under the ropes was the best way! Boy did we end up a covered here!

With our trousers feeling like they were falling down we trudged on. Next we found Tyred Out where I struggled to get my feet into the tyres unlike someone else who just danced her way through the two sets! It’s alright for those with small feet! We eventually turned the corner to have the finish in sight and managed to power our way up the incline to the last obstacle Mud Chute.


After a short wait, were the marshal kept everyone entertained, we scrambled up the ropes to sit on the filthy top before sliding down into the mud pit at the bottom. If you weren’t dirty before – you were now! Somehow we got out of the pit and ran to cross the finish line! Smiling faces congratulating us were a welcome sight, as was the bottle of water and great ‘dog-tag’ style medal.


We didn’t run it all, but we didn’t walk it all either, and the main thing is we completed it and in doing so raised over £600 for Cancer Research.

The car park looked more like a massive changing room as everyone stripped off their clothes to get into something dryer for going home. A fair number stopped at the local McDonalds on their way home, most with faces still covered in mud, and medals proudly around their necks. It took two washes to get our clothes clean. Not even looked at the trainers yet! Hopefully by now it will all brush off easily!

The only disappointment for me was discovering that the advertised 5k route came in at more like 3k! Felt slightly let down by that, but was still proud of what I’d achieved that day, as 5 months ago, I couldn’t run a metre!

Now to keep going. And to focus, I’ve signed up for a number of virtual 5k races, where I can track my distance and time and send it in to receive a medal! I will start by walking the full 5k and getting a base time. Then each month aim to improve on it as I begin to run more and more of the distance. My aim is to be able to run a 5k before the end of my 50th year, so I have 18 months to get there. Hopefully en route, I will also lose a lot more weight!

So there you have it! Keep on running….


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