Lomography is something I was introduced to by my daughter!
It’s an ‘experimental’ form of film photography, where shots are spontaneous and taken without giving them much thought! The object is to have fun whilst taking good pictures, and to throw out all the inhibitions about taking photos.

If you want to find out more about Lomography, take a look here.

La Sardina – First Film

A few images from the first film I put through my new La Sardina. The negatives were scanned using a Kodak P461 Personal Photo Scanner, which can only work on ‘cut strips’, and didn’t pick up the majority of images.

Olympus XA2

I found the first ever camera I had! An Olympus XA2. With new batteries installed, and another expired Kodak 400 film, I took this out and about to see what it was like.

And, with the arrival of a new toy, the Lomography iPhone Scanner, I scanned the film. The images were scanned in as a negative and then inverted in Photoshop, before auto adjusting the curves. Although very grainy, and with a ‘blue hue’,  I’m happy with these image as they capture the real ‘point and shoot’ feel of Lomography.

The images are different sizes and I’m not totally sure what I did different for each of them, but I think it was to do with whether or not I ‘clicked’ on the iPhone screen to focus, or let it work things out on its own!

Olympus XA2 – Second Film

I found a Kodak 400 film lurking in the back of a cupboard. The tip was showing, so I presumed it was an unused film, and put it in the XA2!

Once processed, it became clear that this was a previously exposed film from about 10 years ago! Some interesting images were developed!


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